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The 3rd Wave

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The second wave created complex social structures within nations, each with their own method of allocating wealth and power among the newer classes of elite.  Competition drove the system to excess, first between the nations, and later between the newest class of elites -- until they captured almost total control.  Then came the Internet ...

Our Future

With the decline of corporate control over thought and information, we have entered a new era of exploration and discovery.  During this time, many of our old assumptions are being challenged and replaced with more rational conclusions.  Information technology will facilitate this process, as it quickly spreads the word of advances in thought throughout the entire world.  As this process continues, people will question everything, including government, politics, activism, morality, religion and media bias.  

In this section, we summarize what we have learned on these topics.  Again, your comments are always welcome.  Please begin with The 3rd Wave.


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