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Past interviews include:

Ken Freed - Part 1 (1/09/02):

Media journalist and the editor of (an online web magazine), Ken talks about the current world changes underway, media bias, and it's role in the process. 

Tom Kennedy - Part 2 (11/06/01):

In Part 2 of this Interview, Tommy J. 'Usury-Free' Kennedy (The Cyberclass Network) talks about community currencies, and how they can be used to exchange products and/or services when traditional cash is in short supply.  Given modern technology, this 'usury-free' time currency allows people to easily create and use their own 'money' for free, rather than using the  bankers' money for a fee

Tom Kennedy - Part 1 (11/06/01):

Visionary behind and a supporter of Usury Free Economics, Tom talks about our current economic system and its relationship to the war against terrorism.  He also talks about Islamic banking, and how it is at odds with the WTO, IMF and the World Bank.   Part 1 of a two part interview.

John Bunzl (10/04/01):

Founder of the Simultaneous Policy Organization, John talks about dealing with global capital, transnational corporations, and destructive competition.  He also shares the English perspective on the WTC attack and the resulting war on terrorism, as well as his recent presentation at the last WTO meeting.

Barry Carter (9/18/01):

Author of the book "Infinite Wealth," Barry talks about the Information Revolution and how it will impact our political, religious, economic, and social institutions.  He also talks about terrorism, and how we can the avoid chaos, death and destruction typically associated with times of change.

Dr. Bill Ellis (9/6/01):

A long time activist who once worked for the United Nations and the World Bank, Bill talks about learning communities, the history of TOES, and how it morphed into the riots in Seattle, Quebec and Genoa.  He also talks about chaos theory, edge control and systemic change.



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