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While most people realize that there is something wrong in the world, few agree on exactly what -- and fewer still agree on a possible solution.  Based on our exploration, however, all of this is beginning to change ...  

Thanks to the Internet, we can now see our history in terms much broader than before.  Throughout our 10,000 years of recorded history, we can see the continuous competition between ideas and people -- one that has brought us to a world featuring a very few winners, and an ever increasing number of losers.  (for details, please see Our Past)

Thanks to the Internet, we can now see how this game really works -- how it is driven by global capital, and the quest for ever greater returns and profit.  How those who have accumulated wealth and influence, use our government to attain their goals, then use the media to sell their decisions to the people.  And we can see how bankrupt the game really is -- not only for the losers, but for the winners as well. (for details, please see Our Present)

Thanks to the Internet, we can now see that we are on the threshold of the next evolution in our consciousness.  Just like the printing press helped us to see through the illusion as presented by the Church, the Internet is helping us to see through this illusion as presented by the corporate media.  

Just like the Renaissance brought about an era of awakening and new discovery to the dark ages, so too will this transition -- and on the other side, we will find the better world we all seek.  To explore this in more detail, please see Our Future.


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