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Our Past
The Present
Our Future
Throughout our summary of recorded history, we can see recurrent themes play out in assorted venues.  The themes are hierarchy and competition, leading to a consolidation of power and its resulting excesses.  This in turn leads to a different way of relating to reality (a new consciousness), and a drastic shift in the power structure.  After which the process repeats.  

Our Present

When we first started exploring the problems in our world, we noticed that the U.S. government wasn't really working for "the people" ... that our justice system wasn't really just ... that our press wasn't really free ... and that our foundations weren't really a positive influence in our future.  

Of course, all of these suspicions were contrary to the conventional wisdom.  

As we explored these one by one, however, we found that we were not alone in our suspicions.  In fact, there was a significant number of similar communities who were coming to exactly the same conclusions -- that our government and our media had been captured by large, multinational corporations.  Further, that our judicial system and our foundations supported this situation, and were not interested in changing it.  

But if all of these were true, then the world as we know it must be an illusion, something presented to the masses to keep them divided and subservient.  

Yes, this is unbelievable.  And yes, this is true ...

Just like the printing press and paper helped us to break through the illusion as presented by the Church, the Internet and computers are helping us to break through this illusion being presented by the corporate media.  (If you still doubt any of this, please read our archives, or join our discussion list and ask any questions you might have.)

And that bring us up-to-date.  With our historical summary to guide us, and elite control as a premise, we will now attempt to provide some perspectives on Our Future.



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