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There are several ways to participate with the Aligning With Purpose community, all of which are free. From receiving an occasional email, to discussing the content on these pages, please subscribe to one of the following: 

The Aligning With Purpose Discussion List

AWPD is a moderated discussion list where anyone who is interested can discuss topics of current interest to our community.  It is recommended for people who want to monitor the discussions and/or influence the content of our website, without being overwhelmed with email.  It averages around 5 postings per day.

Current discussions focus on breaking through unconscious patterns, and helping others to awaken.  If you would like to join the discussions, please click here

The Aligning With Purpose Announcements List

AWPA is a low volume, announcements-only list where community news is announced.  It is recommend for anyone who would like to keep up with our community, without actively participating.  It averages around 1 posting per quarter.

To receive these occasional postings, please click here.  

The Aligning With Purpose Extra List

AWPX is our "extra" list.  It is an un-moderated discussion list where list members can post anything they'd like on such diverse topics as government, politics, activism, morality, religion and media bias.  It is recommended for those who want all the nitty-gritty details.

To receive these postings, please click here.  



This entire website is a work in progress.  As such, each page is 
incomplete, and  will be updated on a regular basis.  If you'd like 
to contribute to this process,  please join one of our Mailing Lists.

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