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Welcome to Aligning With Purpose, a website community dedicated to a better world.

First referenced at the bottom of this Harvard Law interview, this site was started in 1999 after the process used to establish Internet governance was captured by large corporations, with the help and support of the U.S. and other governments, and the popular media.  Initially set up as a weekly column, you can read some of the early articles here.

Soon after, this site changed direction to explore our inter-related problems through an online discussion, and to compile the consensus of these discussions into an online summary. You can see an archive of our discussions here, and our online summary here.

Along the way, we found other communities who were working on synchronous, but different approaches.  To capture these subtleties, AWP Talk Radio was born.  You can hear old interviews here.

Today, our community is focused on breaking through unconscious patterns, and helping others to awaken.  If you would like to join our discussions, please click here

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This entire website is a work in progress.  As such, each page is 
incomplete, and  will be updated on a regular basis.  If you'd like 
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